A Few More Hares

Here’s a few more Hares from the other week , they’re a bit more approachable now , as their minds are on other things ! I managed to get these shots by tucking in under a hedge close to an open gateway, in a field that i had seen the Hares in .  Eventually when they started … More A Few More Hares

Mad as !!!

This weekend i managed to get out to Hereford in search of Hares, the fine weather was a bonus , i even took my coat off at one point.Although they were moving around , only on one occasion did i manage to get up close , this one ran up the lane towards me as … More Mad as !!!


I,ve often passed by Gigrin farm Rhayader, and never gone to see the Red Kites feeding,  as i was passing the other week i popped in at feeding time , which at the moment is  2-00pm. i ended up in one of the hides on my own – not quite knowing what to expect , … More Gigrin

Hard times

With the recent snow, things became hectic on the bird feeders in the garden , most popular are the sunflower hearts – so far this winter i’ve managed to get through almost 3 – 25kg bags !Fat balls are the next most attractive food , mostly attracting the Tits , Woodpeckers and Nuthatches, but when … More Hard times

Willow Tit ?

On a brief visit to the RSPB Reserve at Gwenffrwd – Dinas near Llyne Brianne Dam the other day i spotted these, i think they’re Willow Tits ? i have no idea how you tell these from a Marsh tit .However the day was really dull and these were the best of a bad bunch … More Willow Tit ?