A Few More Hares


Here’s a few more Hares from the other week , they’re a bit more approachable now , as their minds are on other things !
I managed to get these shots by tucking in under a hedge close to an open gateway, in a field that i had seen the Hares in . 
Eventually when they started moving about this one came right past me , stopping for a moment to check me out , then casually trotted past , on his way to pastures new !
Trying to compose a shot in these circumstances is nearly impossible, basically you get what comes along . But with a bit of luck and a lot more cold mornings , i might get what i’m after.  



Mad as !!!


This weekend i managed to get out to Hereford in search of Hares, the fine weather was a bonus , i even took my coat off at one point.
Although they were moving around , only on one occasion did i manage to get up close , this one ran up the lane towards me as i crouched down behind my pickup , eventually running right past me only six feet away.
As i had to be back fairly early ,i had to cut short waiting for the Barn owls to show themselves in the late afternoon, so now the weather is hopefully  settling down a bit i’ll try some early mornings and evenings , in the hope of catching them hunting.



I,ve often passed by Gigrin farm Rhayader, and never gone to see the Red Kites feeding, 
as i was passing the other week i popped in at feeding time , which at the moment is 
i ended up in one of the hides on my own – not quite knowing what to expect , the sheer numbers coming in and feeding along with Ravens , Crows and Buzzards was amazing, 
The hard part was trying to follow and focus on one particular subject. 

Some of the Buzzards have a bit of an attitude problem

Hard times


With the recent snow, things became hectic on the bird feeders in the garden , most popular are the sunflower hearts – so far this winter i’ve managed to get through almost 3 – 25kg bags !
Fat balls are the next most attractive food , mostly attracting the Tits , Woodpeckers and Nuthatches, but when the Woodpecker starts on them they get pretty well obliterated.
but i suppose the stuff on the floor then gets eaten by the other birds like Blackbirds Thrushes Pigeons and Jays.
We get a group of Long Tailed Tits come in to feed at around the same time every day – about 3-00 pm , i suppose they’re feeding up before roosting for the night , at one point last week we had nearly Twenty of them when two groups came in, they didn’t get on !

I drilled holes in the dead branch and stuffed Suet into them , its mostly used by woodpeckers and the Longtails. Last year i continued some feeding late into the spring , this female Woodpecker turned up regularly with Two young.

Willow Tit ?


On a brief visit to the RSPB Reserve at Gwenffrwd – Dinas near Llyne Brianne Dam the other day i spotted these, i think they’re Willow Tits ? i have no idea how you tell these from a Marsh tit .
However the day was really dull and these were the best of a bad bunch , i’ll have another trip up there soon , hopefully with better weather.