Ospreys Part 2


I left early with clear blue skies and the sun just coming over the horizon , it looked like at last there would be some good light , there was, all the way to the Severn Bridge !

Cloud filled the sky over Blagdon, As i arrived i saw one Osprey perched in a tree below the dam watching the Trout in the small pools below him/her.

IMG_5646 IMG_5691


Blagdon Ospreys


I’ve never seen an Osprey before and having read the posts about them in the area i popped over to Blagdon Lake , hoping they would still be there.all the way over convincing myself they would have gone and this would be a wasted trip.

The Sat Nav took me through some of the smallest lanes i’ve seen eventually emerging on the road across the dam wall , as i drove along the road an Osprey circled over the road in front of me – Result !! I got the camera out and set up by the Dam wall – Osprey gone ! Typical !

Anyway after half an hour it returned and did a couple of circuits during the time i was there, these are not the best shots in the world , it was a dull grey day with little light , but i am hoping to catch up with them again an hopefully do them a bit more justice ,

IMG_5352 IMG_5453 IMG_5445 IMG_5443


Buzzards on my Bird table


For some time now i’ve been feeding Buzzards on the bird table, in an effort to get them used to the idea of coming into the wood , when looking for food,

IMG_5317 IMG_5326 IMG_5328 IMG_5338

The idea is to set up the hide and try to get a bit closer , but they seem to like to feed early evening, when the light has just about vanished, these shots were taken at Iso 2500 and from about 30 meters, hopefully in the near future there may be a bit more light and i’ll be in with a sporting chance.This individual stayed until it was dark – approx 7-00 pm. I hope to build up a set of photo’s to identify individuals.

Mist and Abstract



Last year i was in Hereford early in the morning waiting for the sun to come up, i took a couple of shots as it rose over the horizon,it wasn’t until later , looking at them on the large screen, that i could see the image of a distant tree ¬†showing up in the foreground – the nearest trees were about 300 meters away.


Looking at some of the images taken in that area , later on at home ,i was struck by the background patterns, banding and repetition.