Two weeks ago i headed back over to Hereford in the late afternoon , as by now most of the crops have been harvested and hopefully the Hares in the area would be easier to see, as it turned out – seeing them was easier but they saw me easier too ! Spotting them in the field was no problem and using the stacked bales to hide my approach worked too , but always aware of the noise of the stubble under foot as you approach your never sure the Hare hasn’t heard you and left. this time that was mostly the case with the Hare moving away as i got closer or popping up in a different position . These photos are from some outings i did earlier in the year as this outing didn’t go quite to plan.
Never mind there’s always next time.

Up Close
Kicking up the mud


untitled shoot-036-2
Reducing all colours except orange

More Hares at speed

I was lucky to get this set as i only saw this hare coming towards me at the last minute. I caught movement in the corner of my eye and saw this one running straight towards me, because of the speed i found it difficult to keep focus and find putting the focus point on the head results in a sharp focus point back from the head along the body. there we are ! practice makes perfect.

IMG_8957 IMG_8958 IMG_8959 IMG_8960 IMG_8961

Hereford Hares

Last weekend i spent a day in Hereford trying to get close to the Hares, the thinking behind this was that the crops had now been cut and the hares , which up to now had plenty of cover to hide in, would be a bit more exposed,

It also made getting close harder. I found the best way , was to stay hidden and rely on luck – it worked in the end . I’m hoping to get back there soon and the plan is to spend some time there in the snow – if it snows this year.Their Hearing is amazing ,this hare was grooming when i saw it , i was sat in a hedge and it altered its position so as its ear was facing me , and carried on grooming , each click of the camera produced a twitching ear.

Spot the Hare
Spot the Hare
A bit closer
A bit closer
Damm it - Too close !
Damm it – Too close !


A Few More Hares

Here’s a few more Hares from the other week , they’re a bit more approachable now , as their minds are on other things !
I managed to get these shots by tucking in under a hedge close to an open gateway, in a field that i had seen the Hares in . 
Eventually when they started moving about this one came right past me , stopping for a moment to check me out , then casually trotted past , on his way to pastures new !
Trying to compose a shot in these circumstances is nearly impossible, basically you get what comes along . But with a bit of luck and a lot more cold mornings , i might get what i’m after.