Lucky Day

To get good results you need a little luck and today i had a bucket load ! Hares all around  and very co-operative, 

The day started overcast but warmed up a bit in the afternoon , i think the start of the mating season has helped getting closer to the hares.


Hares,buzzards and ice


Out this morning in the cold again in the Raglan area, although cold it was a nice sunny day, but with a biting breeze.
i counted 22 Buzzards through the bin’s circling in different places , with a pair over head having a bit of an argument

the stubble fields held a few Hares and one was decent enough to run parallel with me , unlike most that run directly away, with just the sight of their rear end disappearing over the horizon.

Ice was present all day and never really thawed completely , towards late afternoon the reflected light was amazing through the iced grass.


i was bored , so i thought i would have another go at some in flight shots.
sitting in slush is not the most comfortable of pastimes, and after discarding 90% of the images i’d taken, today was not looking like the best of days, due to the lack of light i was using iso 1600 , i had hoped the snow would help reflect some light – dream on – they were never going to be super sharp but what the hell !!

the chaffinch shots would have been superb – if they were in focus .
if i could just get a nice cheesy grin to camera it would be a nice shot!!

a few of the resident long tails came in for grub, this one had a lump of peanut in one claw , and  ate it hanging on with the other.


Wish i’d put a warmer coat on.

As it promised to be a bright day,i thought i’d grab a spare hour and take the camera with me on my way to pick up some parts .
After a while, although it was sunny – i was frozen! definitely double underwear weather !

Willow Tit

Another Willow Tit

I think i like this one best 

Stuffed Long Tailed Tit

Not a Tit 

All in all it was a nice Hour out , but it took most of the following afternoon to warm back up again.