Lucky Day

To get good results you need a little luck and today i had a bucket load ! Hares all around  and very co-operative,  The day started overcast but warmed up a bit in the afternoon , i think the start of the mating season has helped getting closer to the hares.

Robins i was bored , so i thought i would have another go at some in flight shots.sitting in slush is not the most comfortable of pastimes, and after discarding 90% of the images i’d taken, today was not looking like the best of days, due to the lack of light i was using iso 1600 … More

Wish i’d put a warmer coat on.As it promised to be a bright day,i thought i’d grab a spare hour and take the camera with me on my way to pick up some parts .After a while, although it was sunny – i was frozen! definitely double underwear weather ! Willow Tit Another Willow Tit I think … More