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Another hard day at the Office !
Another hard day at the Office !

I Started Using a camera about 8 years ago ,Up to then i wasn’t interested in photography as such, But i had always been involved with outdoor activities, including Scuba,Motorcycles,Walking and fishing.

Based in South east Wales,I wanted to show people the wildlife and the Outstanding Natural Beauty that was all around them but they had never seen . The camera was an Obvious choice.

However i soon realised it was a bit expensive to get the right kit for the job – so i sold my Bike ! The Scuba kit Stays !

Since then i’ve tried to capture some of the Wildlife and landscapes that i’ve seen and hope that Wales generally  isn’t seen as a country composed of disused mine tips and derelict industrial sites.Having said that There’s a lot of wildlife to be seen in these places! – Maybe its not all that bad.

I hope to add further pages to the site soon with some ongoing projects.

All comments are welcome , please feel free to get in touch .


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tim
    Good to meet you today, hope the Osprey photo’s are as you wish.
    Just looking up that place you told me about. I could do with a bit more guidance if possible.
    Could you drop me an email please.

    • Hi Neil
      Hope you didn’t need to dig yourself out of any snow drifts on the way home!
      i’ll get some directions in an email today

  2. Hi Tim
    Nice web site but I think you need a few leopard shots chasing those hares.
    No nothing else showed after you left I just wasted another 3 hours hoping something would.
    Let me know if you are going after some Red Squirrel shots maybe we can sort something out.

    • No Problem , if the weather hardens up a bit, i’ll probably go up, if i ever get a leopard chasing a hare you’ll be the first to know !

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