Flash in daylight I saw recently some photos of Hummingbirds taken in the day using flash to freeze motion, – sooo – i thought i could do that !i set up close to the bird feeders – about 8 – 10 feet away,  with an external flash and a wireless transmitter and put the focus on … More

Snow Snow SnowSaturday i had the idea of getting some images of wildlife in the snow , i headed for the Black mountains ,  Fieldfares and Redwings were bathing and drinking in the frozen pools left by the occasional car that passed along the frozen lane.   Large flocks were feeding on Hawthorn but with … More

A closer lookWhile editing some images of Redshank flocking over Peterstone Gout , i saw the fox watching the birds , at the time i didn’t even see it, i must try and keep my eyes open when i’m out !!

Crossbills and others A varied day on Saturday , i started off on the banks of the Severn at dawn but with the tide on its way out most of the life was on the way out with it. Soo , i decided to go up to Talybont above the reservoir, if it was cold … More

Early EveningLate afternoon , early evening just as the sun dipped behind the clouds in the west , using a high iso , i just caught this Short eared owl dipping over the sea wall rocks in front of me. the wind had dropped a bit by this time , after what had been a … More

Luck You can have all the equipment , big lenses , top end camera and camouflaged better than a bush , then sit for hours in the cold and wet ,but without a bit of luck you probably won’t push the shutter button.On the other hand you could sit in your warm sunny conservatory having a … More

Always take your cameraOut this morning on the Eppynt Ranges , as a second thought i took the camera with me as there are normally Kites about.a fox was sneaking about out along the fence line when we arrived , then disappeared  only  to re-appear closer –  and i had my camera , this normally … More