Flash in daylight 

I saw recently some photos of Hummingbirds taken in the day using flash to freeze motion, – sooo – i thought i could do that !
i set up close to the bird feeders – about 8 – 10 feet away,  with an external flash and a wireless transmitter and put the focus on manual , then went back to the kitchen and made a cup of tea, its a tough life !!
i only had to wait a few minutes before the birds arrived, as they came in to land i took a few shots, 

these were taken at iso 2000 , it will need some experimenting to get better images , but i’m pleased with this first attempt , i didn’t think i would get anything at all !


Snow Snow Snow
Saturday i had the idea of getting some images of wildlife in the snow , i headed for the Black mountains ,  Fieldfares and Redwings were bathing and drinking in the frozen pools left by the occasional car that passed along the frozen lane.


Large flocks were feeding on Hawthorn but with everything frozen water must have been a problem. i hoped to get something with snow blowing across , but it refused to come down 
in any great amounts .

Later on i moved further up into the hills where the snow was a lot thicker on the ground , a pack of Beagles were being exercised on the hill , The white backgrounds really isolate the subjects, but make things difficult with the reflected light. 

beware deep snow ! 

The End of the day came early with the sun sinking into cloud behind the Beeches.



Crossbills and others

A varied day on Saturday , i started off on the banks of the Severn at dawn but with the tide on its way out most of the life was on the way out with it.

Soo , i decided to go up to Talybont above the reservoir, if it was cold down on the foreshore, it got a lot colder, with some snow already up on the mountains, moving around in the Larches were a few crossbills , i’ve never seen these before and their colour was amazing. with them a large flock of siskins kept roving around the same trees.

as i was looking into the trees a movement to my right caught my eye , i glanced around and saw this hare pelting past me.

A real mixed bag of a day !

Early Evening

Late afternoon , early evening just as the sun dipped behind the clouds in the west , using a high iso , i just caught this Short eared owl dipping over the sea wall rocks in front of me.

the wind had dropped a bit by this time , after what had been a sunny but cold and windy day.

Earlier ,as the tide was moving in a large flock of Curlew kept shifting around.