Braving the snow



While the snow we had recently was fun , getting around was a pain , and by the 4th day i was glad to see the back of it . but it was nice to get out and try some shots with more movement in them and the snow helped by reflecting the available light.

untitled shoot-019untitled shoot-043

untitled shoot-026


Wide Angle


The latest idea i had was to try wide angle on the visiting foxes in the garden , as i suspected just the shutter noise was enough to send her packing , only to reappear later that evening , but i did manage to capture one or two photo’s before she legged it.

Wide angle lens about 1.5 meters away .
the shutter noise spooked her .

Charlies in the Garden


For a few months now i’ve been putting out food for the fox’s resulting in a vixen coming in around the same time each evening and a male now and again.

The vixen now has cubs to feed and will grab food and disappear  for a while , returning later to scrounge any scraps left behind , click the link to my website to see all the photo’s.

Pizza delivery service

New stuff at last


Hopefully i’ll get some more stuff on the website as i’ve not put anything on for a while The first couple of photos were taken in March in the Brecon Beacons around Penyfan , while the snow was still about and the Hare was only two weeks later .

untitled shoot-012untitled shoot-016-2untitled shoot-018

untitled shoot-022