Road kill for the Fox


Picked up a road kill Grey squirrel today and put it on the post for the fox to have , didn’t have to wait too long before she turned up at the usual time .

DSC02618fox and swallowDSC02619fox and swallow

Earlier in the day i was watching the swallows feeding their young and managed to get a shot of the parent and youngster together , but just missed the feeding !

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DSC02612fox and swallow


Spring 18


It almost felt like winter had finished , until this week , with temperatures down in single figures. but despite this some nests already have young ready to fledge , these Thrush youngsters won’t be in the nest much longer , i’m really surprised they’ve made it this far as the parents chose to nest on the side of a lane in the bank in full view under some tin sheet.


Other birds in the garden now are also starting to nest , and are regular visitors to the feeders ,


I still can’t find where the Nut hatch is nesting though.


Wide Angle


The latest idea i had was to try wide angle on the visiting foxes in the garden , as i suspected just the shutter noise was enough to send her packing , only to reappear later that evening , but i did manage to capture one or two photo’s before she legged it.

Wide angle lens about 1.5 meters away .
the shutter noise spooked her .

Charlies in the Garden


For a few months now i’ve been putting out food for the fox’s resulting in a vixen coming in around the same time each evening and a male now and again.

The vixen now has cubs to feed and will grab food and disappear ¬†for a while , returning later to scrounge any scraps left behind , click the link to my website to see all the photo’s.

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