I,ve often passed by Gigrin farm Rhayader, and never gone to see the Red Kites feeding, 
as i was passing the other week i popped in at feeding time , which at the moment is 
i ended up in one of the hides on my own – not quite knowing what to expect , the sheer numbers coming in and feeding along with Ravens , Crows and Buzzards was amazing, 
The hard part was trying to follow and focus on one particular subject. 

Some of the Buzzards have a bit of an attitude problem

2 thoughts on “Gigrin

  1. It's all a bit overwhelming I find Tim, quite extraordinary though. Love the second diving one, the head and beak are just showing: perfect!!

  2. Yep ! your right there , i read your last post and i can see your point about placing the subject in the landscape , i've looked at some of my stuff lately and thought its just like post cards / mugshots , i think sometimes putting the big lens down can help !!!

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