Under your Nose

I spend a lot of time travelling to places photographing wildlife , sometimes with no results. Looking out at the bird feeders this morning i noticed the Bank Voles scurrying around underneath them feeding on the left-overs scattered by the feeding birds. All this going on only a few feet from my window. This was an opportunity … More Under your Nose

Local Cuckoo’s

I’ve been watching the Cuckoo’s around the local Forestry’s, without much success , never being close enough for good results with the camera. and after three days on the trot walking up and down the mountain with all my kit – trying to get something that was any good i had just about given up … More Local Cuckoo’s

Sirhowy Dippers 2

A quick visit to the river found the Dippers now feeding their Young, you could hear them calling as the parents flew in with food. I use a light-weight camo print net to breakup my outline when sitting, waiting for the birds to appear , and it worked today as a Grey Wagtail worked its … More Sirhowy Dippers 2

Tawny Owls

I,ve been watching a Tawny Owl nest over the past couple of weeks ,which is in a crack in one of the main limbs of a large tree . Its on a bank and through the binoculars you can see into the nest , when the parent was on eggs she could bee seen in the … More Tawny Owls