Cold and Damp With the colder weather setting in things are getting hectic at the feeding station as well as expensive , with the sunflower feeder being replenished twice a day.Up to 20 chaffinches at once coming in and 8 to 10 Greenfinches queuing up to get at the seeds makes the level drop by the … More

A Bright Day Unbelievably the suns been shining ! i packed the flash back into its case and setup with my 300 lens , i wanted to capture some in flight shots and this was the right day for it. at about 2 pm the sun is starting to get a bit lower in the sky … More

Greenfinches I thought i’d try the flash out again , with limited success. i think the day was a bit too bright,and the high iso didn’t help either. The Greenfinches didn’t seem bothered by the flash , too busy squabbling amongst themselves and stuffing their faces. 

Have a care  Don’t forget , if your’e thinking of tidying the garden up and thinking of burning that pile of rubbish at the end of the garden , spare a thought for Hedgehogs, they may be hibernating under the rubbish. These photos were taken with the help of Mr Keith Jones of the Hedgehog helpline. 

Last YearAs the weather’s not been the best in the last few weeks  i,ve been editing some stuff from last year , and deleting a lot of pictures too ! while also making a mental note to go back again this year in early spring and maybe try some different ideas,i’d like to get some … More