Wood mouse

There’s a resident population of voles in the bank under the bird feeders making a good living eating discarded seeds , while watching them yesterday i saw a wood mouse appear , it was less skittish than the Voles and every now and then would see the Voles off, with the vole leaping into the … More Wood mouse

Cuckoo face off

Too Damned Hot for proper work this Morning, So i took an hour off and headed to Twmbarlwm in search of Cuckoo’s , I could hear them in the distance as soon as i stopped the truck. Setting up under a low Beech tree i waited and within 20 minutes two flew straight towards me … More Cuckoo face off

Mouse or Vole ?

This little Pesky varmit was nipping in and out like “Billy Whiz”between the wheely bins picking up spilt sunflower seeds.Is it a mouse or a vole ? we’ve got a lot of voles in the bank and i think this is one of em. 

Kites in the Valleys

For some time now Kites have been moving steadily south from their main area in Mid Wales, first moving over the Breacon Beacons , then slowly moving down the wooded valleys with occasional sightings just south of the heads of the valleys road.Now it seems it won’t be long before their seen flying over Newport … More Kites in the Valleys

Dippers again !

I’m determined to get some decent shots of these Dippers , they’re feeding their young at the moment , but the nest must be in the only place in south wales where the sun never shines!and when you do get patches of light – no dipper.