Wood mouse


There’s a resident population of voles in the bank under the bird feeders making a good living eating discarded seeds , while watching them yesterday i saw a wood mouse appear , it was less skittish than the Voles and every now and then would see the Voles off, with the vole leaping into the air . i’ve got some great shots of fresh air !!  


Cuckoo face off


Too Damned Hot for proper work this Morning, So i took an hour off and headed to Twmbarlwm in search of Cuckoo’s , I could hear them in the distance as soon as i stopped the truck. Setting up under a low Beech tree i waited and within 20 minutes two flew straight towards me landing in the tree about six feet above my head .
The one left after a short while to land on a fence post nearby with an angry Pipit ( i think ? ) mobbing it.

Mexican stand off !!

Return of the Vole


I’ve been putting down small amounts of sunflower seeds for the voles , only to find it gone , usually just after i’ve given up watching. i did see a Shrew taking the seeds , which i thought was odd since they’re supposed to be carnivorous. As i was just about to go out today i glimpsed a vole nabbing some seeds , so i grabbed the camera and caught the greedy critter red handed , its amazing how many seeds they can shift in a short time !!