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I’ve tried in the last couple of weeks to photograph Hares boxing and after a number of days out i still have had no luck , but i live in hope ! still i did get something .


Two weeks ago i headed back over to Hereford in the late afternoon , as by now most of the crops have been harvested and hopefully the Hares in the area would be easier to see, as it turned out – seeing them was easier but they saw me easier too ! Spotting them in … More Hares

Hereford Hares

Last weekend i spent a day in Hereford trying to get close to the Hares, the thinking behind this was that the crops had now been cut and the hares , which up to now had plenty of cover to hide in, would be a bit more exposed, It also made getting close harder. I … More Hereford Hares

A Few More Hares

Here’s a few more Hares from the other week , they’re a bit more approachable now , as their minds are on other things ! I managed to get these shots by tucking in under a hedge close to an open gateway, in a field that i had seen the Hares in .  Eventually when they started … More A Few More Hares