Hereford Hares

Last weekend i spent a day in Hereford trying to get close to the Hares, the thinking behind this was that the crops had now been cut and the hares , which up to now had plenty of cover to hide in, would be a bit more exposed,

It also made getting close harder. I found the best way , was to stay hidden and rely on luck – it worked in the end . I’m hoping to get back there soon and the plan is to spend some time there in the snow – if it snows this year.Their Hearing is amazing ,this hare was grooming when i saw it , i was sat in a hedge and it altered its position so as its ear was facing me , and carried on grooming , each click of the camera produced a twitching ear.

Spot the Hare

Spot the Hare

A bit closer

A bit closer

Damm it - Too close !

Damm it – Too close !



Wryneck part two.

After yesterday i thought i’d try again at getting close to the Wryneck at Newport wetlands , Nothing ventured – Nothing gained !

After a sweaty route march to the same area close to Salt marsh Lane i got into position along with one or two others , the wryneck was working its way along the edge of the path slowly moving further away from our position – its always the same ! after an hour the others left and the Wryneck flitted into some trees near the path , appearing later on in the Hawthorn right next to me , Result ! Not knowing if i should wait for it to land on the path or just take my chances with it in the tree , i went for the tree option hoping it didn’t disappear while i move the lens around. as it was after these shots it moved further up the path, ¬†Phew !!IMG_8314 IMG_8317 IMG_8331 IMG_8337

Wryneck at Newport Wetlands

IMG_8223On the spur of the moment , i grabbed the camera and went down to the Newport Wetlands Center , at 4-30 pm the place was deserted with only two other peaple to be seen , the amount of Dragonflies there was amazing , i don’t think i’ve seen so many in years.

Bird life was a bit slow but on walking from the East hide along the shore line path a Wryneck was searching for food along the margins of the path in front of me , it was the first time i’d ever seen one ! i always thought they were bigger. Now i Know . It seemed unworried by my presence working its way along the path edge looking for insects , occasionally stopping to look at me , checking i wasn’t getting too close.

IMG_8283 IMG_8298IMG_8300 IMG_8301 IMG_8305