Going with the flow

Over the past two days i’ve spent some time on the rivers near to where i live. Its about the time Dippers start to build their nests and last year i started photographing them , with limited   success.The main problem being the low light levels in the steep sided river valleys. So with the … More Going with the flow

A spare Hour

After a cold and damp misty day the sun managed to poke through the clouds, a lot of activity around the food in the garden prompted me to spend the last hour  of sunlight trying to catch some of the Diners in flight, to get a decent shutter speed i had to set the iso … More A spare Hour

Down By the sea

 Over the past two months or so i ‘ve spent more than a few days down on the Wentlooge levels , mostly looking at short eared owls , i have some nice stuff of them in flight over the marshes. but for all that i think it was too easy to forget that the place … More Down By the sea

A bit of colour

Sitting in the Warm sun and freezing in the cold wind, i”m looking forward to spring , some of the birds in the garden are starting to show their breeding colours , the Goldfinches and Chaffinches looking good in particular.You can tell the breeding season is just around the corner , in the way each … More A bit of colour