An Afternoon in Hereford

After trying to catch the hares boxing early in the morning – with no success . Late afternoon was my next best chance to see if anything was going to happen, as it was only two separate hares turned up , the first was way out in the middle of a field of winter wheat , it could hear the camera’s shutter going even there , constantly looking across to where we were in the pickup.What happened next really surprised me , the hare looked our way and sprang up running directly towards us , only veering away yards from the vehicle.untitled shoot-082

untitled shoot-077

untitled shoot-080 untitled shoot-091

A Few More Hares

Here’s a few more Hares from the other week , they’re a bit more approachable now , as their minds are on other things !
I managed to get these shots by tucking in under a hedge close to an open gateway, in a field that i had seen the Hares in . 
Eventually when they started moving about this one came right past me , stopping for a moment to check me out , then casually trotted past , on his way to pastures new !
Trying to compose a shot in these circumstances is nearly impossible, basically you get what comes along . But with a bit of luck and a lot more cold mornings , i might get what i’m after.