Short Eared Owls


Popped up to Hawling to see the Short eared owls and was amazed at the amount of people there ! apparently there were even more there on weekends .

The Owls seemed unconcerned with the Photographers by the walls , hunting the long grass performing for the assembled “wildlife¬†paparazzi”. Me being one of em !

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Ham Wall


untitled shoot-010Ham Wall RSPB reserve is somewhere i’ve wanted to go for some time and never have , so recently i went along to have a look in the day before going over later in the year very early in the morning. The idea being , i would at least have a rough idea of the layout of the place.

On the way there i managed to go the wrong way along some of the smaller lanes running across the levels and was amazed at the way the recent flooding has affected the roads making them into a fairground ride in some places, the evidence of scraped sumps on the humps in the road still fresh.

i stayed until evening to watch the Starlings and about 4-30 they started coming in huge waves but joining forces behind some woods , so there was no view of them all together. but what i had seen of them coming in was quite impressive.

It was fairly quiet Bird wise but i did manage to see a Harrier hunting over the reed beds for 10 minutes then it sailed away and was lost in the reeds and trees.

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