A quick shot of a squirrel at Sophia Gardens , obviously bored with salad.

the magpie was waiting for the squirrel to open the bags , then jumping in , i love a bit of co- operation. 

Another day at the office 

Up early and down to the foreshore , the tide was up to the rocks and spraying over the edge , 
windy and damp to start but becoming sunnier  but still a bit chilly in the breeze .

a few hardy souls were already up and about by the time i’d walked to the other end of the warf.

concentrating on one subject sometimes means we miss opportunities , i had one short eared pass just over my head , and there were plenty of waders flocking along the surf line.


RGW Owl Fest 

Got out early this morning and popped along to RGW to try and get some shots of the Short eared owls ,Had a quick chat  to the farmer and his mate by the gate. where he told me he’d just disturbed a load of them – 21 of them ! – flocking hell !!
sure enough another bloke who was killing time before he saw the doctor ( thats what he said – sounds like a sickie being pulled ) , confirmed it.
a quick sneak down the rocks and i settled down to wait , while watching one on the far bank another skimmed over my head – another missed opportunity , 
ah well , slowly , slowly catchy owly.


I got the photography bug about 8 years ago while diving , this led to above water level attempts , i quickly realised i needed better equipment , getting the kit took time but was straight forward , if expensive !

What was harder was getting good images , soft focus seemed to be my speciality.
i’m still working on that, this shot took two weeks on and off to get.

 i try to get out as much as possible , not just on fine days, hopefully anyone seeing this may find something of interest. this is the first post i’ve done so finding my way around this blogging thing is going to be a bit of a laugh !!

watch this space