Kingfishers again !


Well as they say ” Practice makes perfect ” so as the rain had stopped for a breather , before the next onslaught , i nipped out for another go at the Kingfishers.
When the suns on them its difficult to know how much to compensate for the exposure , i now check every couple of shots after previously spending a few wasted hours taking under or over exposed shots.


I need a bigger bird table


I’ve started feeding the birds again now that the weathers started to change , already they’re getting through 2 seed feeders a day. While the small bids are nice to see i thought a change was needed.
While out on saturday i picked up a road kill rabbit , i had a cunning plan to try and get Buzzards to come in and feed ,  Damn me it worked !!!!
this was a quick shot out of the window , now i know they’ll come in – i can think about setting up some different stuff.

I Had to do it !!


I’d seen the posts of Kingfishers on various web sites and blogs , some nice stuff – i thought i’ll have a go at this .

After trying to catch them on the canal near us – with no success, off i trotted to where they were thick on the ground . Now and then anyway. 

Anyone recognise the stick !!