Buzzard Table

Just a quick glance up the garden and i saw the Buzzard was feeding on the bird table , on seeing me it flew off , giving me time to set up the camera with a wireless trigger – keeping the trigger in my pocket i went inside and carried on with some work while … More Buzzard Table

Wet and Windy

Perhaps not the best weather to be out in the open with a camera, but its better than being indoors wishing you’d gone out. Yesterday was pretty grim, with the occasional bright spell, (blink and you miss it !) But although the weather was fairly grotty the Hares were still moving around, but i only … More Wet and Windy


Waking up this morning at 6-00am , i was in two minds whether to bother going out, the Weather forecast said it was going to be rain and bright intervals, it didn’t even look that good at Six. But make a plan and stick to it ! I’m glad i did as later on in … More Otters