Greater Spotted Woodpecker

I was out recently trying to get some more photo’s of the Cuckoos in the area , but with no luck this time. But while hidden i had a close encounter with Woodpeckers, they were feeding on some snapped off pines – victims of bad weather we had a few years back and now they’re well rotted with various beetle larva and other insects in them. At one point the two males were fighting no more than ten feet from me going at it for all they were worth ! Feathers going all over the place , mostly from the back of the neck.





Flycatchers ….


IMG_6232 IMG_6236 IMG_6273Up to a few weeks ago i’d never seen a Pied Flycatcher , then i went to Dinas near Llandovery. Although the weather was still quite chilly there were quite a few of these little critters about !


Cuckoo time again

Last year i tried photographing the Cuckoo’s near where i live, with limited success , This year i’ve been watching them for a couple of days , noting the posts they like to call from.

Today i set up near one of the posts by about 6-30am and waited , two male Cuckoo’s were calling from various places all around me for quite a time , Eventually after two hours my waiting paid off with a male landing briefly on the post in front of me .I waited another hour with nothing doing , so packed up and got back in the Truck.

As i was driving off , A Female Cuckoo flashed across the lane in front of me , i stopped and watched it land on the post where i’d been sitting – aaaaarggggh! followed by the two males who had a brief tussle around her !!! if i had only waited another 10 minutes !

Male Cuckoo

Male Cuckoo

Patience would have paid off

Patience would have paid off