Hereford Hares

Last weekend i spent a day in Hereford trying to get close to the Hares, the thinking behind this was that the crops had now been cut and the hares , which up to now had plenty of cover to hide in, would be a bit more exposed,

It also made getting close harder. I found the best way , was to stay hidden and rely on luck – it worked in the end . I’m hoping to get back there soon and the plan is to spend some time there in the snow – if it snows this year.Their Hearing is amazing ,this hare was grooming when i saw it , i was sat in a hedge and it altered its position so as its ear was facing me , and carried on grooming , each click of the camera produced a twitching ear.

Spot the Hare
Spot the Hare
A bit closer
A bit closer
Damm it - Too close !
Damm it – Too close !


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