Wryneck part two.

After yesterday i thought i’d try again at getting close to the Wryneck at Newport wetlands , Nothing ventured – Nothing gained !

After a sweaty route march to the same area close to Salt marsh Lane i got into position along with one or two others , the wryneck was working its way along the edge of the path slowly moving further away from our position – its always the same ! after an hour the others left and the Wryneck flitted into some trees near the path , appearing later on in the Hawthorn right next to me , Result ! Not knowing if i should wait for it to land on the path or just take my chances with it in the tree , i went for the tree option hoping it didn’t disappear while i move the lens around. as it was after these shots it moved further up the path,  Phew !!IMG_8314 IMG_8317 IMG_8331 IMG_8337

2 thoughts on “Wryneck part two.

  1. Really like the first set Tim, the low angle and the clean backgrounds, beautiful. Can’t believe we missed each other by minutes today, you certainly got closer to it than I did!! and the portrait shots in the Hawthorn are great. Thanks for fixing the monopod, very useable now. Catch up soon.

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