Buzzard Table

Just a quick glance up the garden and i saw the Buzzard was feeding on the bird table , on seeing me it flew off , giving me time to set up the camera with a wireless trigger – keeping the trigger in my pocket i went inside and carried on with some work while keeping an eye out for its hopeful return . It was almost 5 oclock before it returned, with fading light i pressed the trigger , hoping the range was not too great.

The shutter speed was down to 1/13 of a second at Iso 800 but the result wasn’t too bad considering it was a spur of the moment thing !

After i had retrieved the camera the Buzzard was back again by 5-30 till 5-45 pm.

Evening Snack
Evening Snack

Buzzards on my Bird table

For some time now i’ve been feeding Buzzards on the bird table, in an effort to get them used to the idea of coming into the wood , when looking for food,

IMG_5317 IMG_5326 IMG_5328 IMG_5338

The idea is to set up the hide and try to get a bit closer , but they seem to like to feed early evening, when the light has just about vanished, these shots were taken at Iso 2500 and from about 30 meters, hopefully in the near future there may be a bit more light and i’ll be in with a sporting chance.This individual stayed until it was dark – approx 7-00 pm. I hope to build up a set of photo’s to identify individuals.