When it all comes together – Almost !

I spent Saturday in Hereford , its the end of February and the Hares now start to have mating on their mind, in some ways this makes life a bit easier for me as they’re not so wary. and there’s a good chance of some action shots , with them running around and boxing.

Saturday went well from the off with three Hares in one field and happy to stay there just moving around every now and then , we even had one come through the hedge behind us within ten feet – only to beat a hasty retreat as soon as it realised we were there !

Only one fly in the ointment, i forgot to check the settings on the camera , the record file size was set to small – aaaaarrrgh ! but as it was they turned out OK. Weirdly when i switched it to RAW the focus success hit rate went down, a topic of discussion for you Mr C.


Feb-6 Feb-36 Feb-31 Feb-29-2 Feb-18-2 Feb-14-2 Feb-9

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