Blagdon Ospreys

I’ve never seen an Osprey before and having read the posts about them in the area i popped over to Blagdon Lake , hoping they would still be there.all the way over convincing myself they would have gone and this would be a wasted trip.

The Sat Nav took me through some of the smallest lanes i’ve seen eventually emerging on the road across the dam wall , as i drove along the road an Osprey circled over the road in front of me – Result !! I got the camera out and set up by the Dam wall – Osprey gone ! Typical !

Anyway after half an hour it returned and did a couple of circuits during the time i was there, these are not the best shots in the world , it was a dull grey day with little light , but i am hoping to catch up with them again an hopefully do them a bit more justice ,

IMG_5352 IMG_5453 IMG_5445 IMG_5443


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