Ospreys Part 2

I left early with clear blue skies and the sun just coming over the horizon , it looked like at last there would be some good light , there was, all the way to the Severn Bridge !

Cloud filled the sky over Blagdon, As i arrived i saw one Osprey perched in a tree below the dam watching the Trout in the small pools below him/her.

IMG_5646 IMG_5691

6 thoughts on “Ospreys Part 2

  1. Hello tim it ben here tristains son we believe we saw a albino grey squirrel on our mooch around the woods are they rare ?

      • Ok thanks i have also seen a black squirrel but have never seen albino one or even heard of one! Me and dad are goin back up in the morning to the same place to c if its still there 🙂 we seen it with a grey squirrel and it wen up a tree that also had drae.

    • Hi Tim
      I was in luck that day! funny thing was people were turning up during the morning to see them but not waiting long enough, as soon as they left, the birds would turn up!!

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