Short Eared Owls

Popped up to Hawling to see the Short eared owls and was amazed at the amount of people there ! apparently there were even more there on weekends .

The Owls seemed unconcerned with the Photographers by the walls , hunting the long grass performing for the assembled “wildlife paparazzi”. Me being one of em !

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Local Cuckoo’s

I’ve been watching the Cuckoo’s around the local Forestry’s, without much success , never being close enough for good results with the camera. and after three days on the trot walking up and down the mountain with all my kit – trying to get something that was any good i had just about given up for another morning. Heading back to the Truck i noticed some Cuckoo’s in the clear fell Area so i got in the truck and waited – nothing happened for a long time until one flew in closer and started feeding on big hairy caterpillars, dropping down off a fence post to catch them , then back to the post to thrash them before swallowing.

I stuck around for a bit after the Cuckoo left and just before packing up a fox trotted down the track towards me, quickly turning tail when it must have winded me.

cuckoo may-016
Getting the Hell Out’a Dodge
Looking for breakfast


Mmm , Tastes like Chicken !
Mmm , Tastes like Chicken !

cuckoo may-022 cuckoo may-021




Sirhowy Dippers 2

A quick visit to the river found the Dippers now feeding their Young, you could hear them calling as the parents flew in with food. I use a light-weight camo print net to breakup my outline when sitting, waiting for the birds to appear , and it worked today as a Grey Wagtail worked its way up the river bank it hopped up and rested on my boot ! how cool was that !


Bugs for breakfast
Bugs for breakfast

untitled shoot-028 untitled shoot-031

Sirhowy River

I’ve spent a few hours this weekend down on the Sirhowy River, Trying to get some decent stuff on the Dippers that are on most of the local rivers in the area. This morning after about three hours tucked under one of the banks i managed to get something, but the weather wasn’t co-opperating and dead legs and very cold rain showers put an end to the fun , so i went off in search of Snipe , a friend told me he knew a place where it was knee deep in them !!! – to be continued.

Dipper with nesting material
Dipper with nesting material

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