Local Cuckoo’s

I’ve been watching the Cuckoo’s around the local Forestry’s, without much success , never being close enough for good results with the camera. and after three days on the trot walking up and down the mountain with all my kit – trying to get something that was any good i had just about given up for another morning. Heading back to the Truck i noticed some Cuckoo’s in the clear fell Area so i got in the truck and waited – nothing happened for a long time until one flew in closer and started feeding on big hairy caterpillars, dropping down off a fence post to catch them , then back to the post to thrash them before swallowing.

I stuck around for a bit after the Cuckoo left and just before packing up a fox trotted down the track towards me, quickly turning tail when it must have winded me.

cuckoo may-016
Getting the Hell Out’a Dodge
Looking for breakfast


Mmm , Tastes like Chicken !
Mmm , Tastes like Chicken !

cuckoo may-022 cuckoo may-021




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