Cuckoo face off

Too Damned Hot for proper work this Morning, So i took an hour off and headed to Twmbarlwm in search of Cuckoo’s , I could hear them in the distance as soon as i stopped the truck. Setting up under a low Beech tree i waited and within 20 minutes two flew straight towards me landing in the tree about six feet above my head .
The one left after a short while to land on a fence post nearby with an angry Pipit ( i think ? ) mobbing it.

Mexican stand off !!

5 thoughts on “Cuckoo face off

  1. Well well well, you've landed my bogey bird. Don't know how many times I've nearly had a cuckoo, even managed a fence post with nothing on as it just flew off!!. Great set though Tim, really like the second shot.

  2. Hi Timi've been back since with no luck ! always in the right place at the wrong time !!night jars are here again , easy to find as well. but not as easy to see in low light.

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