Cold and Damp 
With the colder weather setting in things are getting hectic at the feeding station as well as expensive , with the sunflower feeder being replenished twice a day.
Up to 20 chaffinches at once coming in and 8 to 10 Greenfinches queuing up to get at the seeds makes the level drop by the minute. While the Greenfinches sit and stuff their faces on the feeder  the chaffinches hoover up what gets dropped on the ground.
I,ve put a post up with holes in it stuffed with ground peanut and fat , it gets regular visits from the Long tailed tits , Blue tits and the occasional Woodpecker.

These were taken with a X2 tele converter on a 300 lens at iso 4000
Not the brightest of days.

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  1. Thanks ! i try to keep around the 200 – 400 iso mark if poss, anything more and grain really starts to show if you start cropping the image. i liked the Jay shots!Regards TimP

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