You can have all the equipment , big lenses , top end camera and camouflaged better than a bush , then sit for hours in the cold and wet ,but without a bit of luck you probably won’t push the shutter button.
On the other hand you could sit in your warm sunny conservatory having a cup of coffee and a Goshawk drops down in front of you with a pigeon and proceeds to eat it 3 meters in front of you ! – reach for your compact camera lean forward and take a few shots.
The bad news is – it didn’t happen to me!
My Nephew , Joe took the picture. i can’t talk about it anymore!!!

Shot taken in Newbridge


Always take your camera

Out this morning on the Eppynt Ranges , as a second thought i took the camera with me as there are normally Kites about.
a fox was sneaking about out along the fence line when we arrived , then disappeared  only  to re-appear closer –  and i had my camera , this normally doesn’t happen for me !


For some time i’ve been trying to get some shots of Hares, on a very cold morning in early march i was lucky enough to get close to a pair that had other things on their minds.

getting close on an open field is a challenge in itself , crawling through frosty winter wheat ended with some nice images and very muddy kit.
Later in the year i went back , and it was nice to walk around in the sun.

this last image was taken in the evening in october , its a leveret that kept trotting towards me , keeping still i watched as it came within 5 feet – too close to focus on , then a small beep from the camera told me my card was full ! – there’s always next time .