An Afternoon in Hereford

After trying to catch the hares boxing early in the morning – with no success . Late afternoon was my next best chance to see if anything was going to happen, as it was only two separate hares turned up , the first was way out in the middle of a field of winter wheat , it could hear the camera’s shutter going even there , constantly looking across to where we were in the pickup.What happened next really surprised me , the hare looked our way and sprang up running directly towards us , only veering away yards from the vehicle.untitled shoot-082

untitled shoot-077

untitled shoot-080 untitled shoot-091

One thought on “An Afternoon in Hereford

  1. Lovely set again Tim, great to keep working with one species really builds into something special and it’s happening with the hares and you, keep going with it … and nearly attacked by a hare!! that a new one!

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