Sirhowy River

I’ve spent a few hours this weekend down on the Sirhowy River, Trying to get some decent stuff on the Dippers that are on most of the local rivers in the area. This morning after about three hours tucked under one of the banks i managed to get something, but the weather wasn’t co-opperating and dead legs and very cold rain showers put an end to the fun , so i went off in search of Snipe , a friend told me he knew a place where it was knee deep in them !!! – to be continued.

Dipper with nesting material
Dipper with nesting material

untitled shoot-054 untitled shoot-067

3 thoughts on “Sirhowy River

  1. Tim, these are really good. The other weekend we were up by Sgwd Gwladys in the Neath Valley and were tripping over them up there. There were also a lot of grey wagtails as well. I’d recommend it to you as they don’t seem to be so flighty here as in other places.

      • That’s right. If you walk to the top of Sgwd Gwladys the river before it hits the falls is wide with plenty of rocks allowing the dippers to pose. There are also trees close to the river and comfy sitting to help prevent ‘dead leg syndrome’.

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