Just by Chance

While out walking a few days ago , i remembered a Badger sett that i’d not visited for a number of years , as it wasn’t very far away i decided to have a look. the approach is difficult as its through wooded quarry spoil with steep slopes and slippery rocks.

It took a few minutes to relocate the area of the sett and looking over the edge of the steep slope i saw the holes with fresh earth and bedding strewn around them – and a Badger !

I watched for an hour , when eventually three Badgers were outside the Sett, they left together after twenty minutes to forage in the fields and woods above the quarry.

I went back the next evening and set up a bit earlier down wind of the Sett in some cover no more than three meters from the nearest hole after throwing down a few peanuts to keep them in the immediate area for a while.

i did hope they would have had young, but so far i’ve seen nothing to suggest there are any here.

untitled shoot-001 untitled shoot-008 untitled shoot-013 untitled shoot-015

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