Badger cubs

The Badgers young are now out and about, Still small about 14″ long they stay close to the Sett entrance but are not that timid, Sometimes coming too close. As i Move around only two meters away from them they’re totally unconcerned, Concentrating on the peanuts scattered about. Sudden noise sends them trotting back into the sett only to reappear within a minute or two, to carry on the business of finding food.

The pictures were taken with flash and the Badgers are totally unconcerned , showing more interest in the click of the camera earlier on when the light was better. After the first shutter click this too has no effect either !

Badgers wed 23-006 Badgers wed 23-007 Badgers wed 23-011

Just by Chance

While out walking a few days ago , i remembered a Badger sett that i’d not visited for a number of years , as it wasn’t very far away i decided to have a look. the approach is difficult as its through wooded quarry spoil with steep slopes and slippery rocks.

It took a few minutes to relocate the area of the sett and looking over the edge of the steep slope i saw the holes with fresh earth and bedding strewn around them – and a Badger !

I watched for an hour , when eventually three Badgers were outside the Sett, they left together after twenty minutes to forage in the fields and woods above the quarry.

I went back the next eveningĀ and set up a bit earlier down wind of the Sett in some cover no more than three meters from the nearest hole after throwing down a few peanuts to keep them in the immediate area for a while.

i did hope they would have had young, but so far i’ve seen nothing to suggest there are any here.

untitled shoot-001 untitled shoot-008 untitled shoot-013 untitled shoot-015