Badgers in the light

I’ve been trying to catch the Badgers in the sett near me in the last of the evening light, each time the wind has been in the wrong direction – leaving me with the fading sunlight in my eyes. Although not great for photography, having the breeze blowing in a constant direction made watching the young cubs at the sett a lot easier ! with the young coming ever closer.

The problem then is that they’re too close , literally under my feet – all you can do then is watch as they root around for food and scuffle with each other. most of the shots were taken at about ten to six feet away.

With the days getting longer i hope to see more of them in the light for a change.

badgers darr apr 28-005

Smallest of the cubs
Smallest of the cubs

badgers darr apr 28-019

Family Portrait
Family Portrait
Pushing the opposition out of the way
Pushing the opposition out of the way


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