More Fox in the Garden

I watched on the CCTV how this Fox would jump up onto the top of the 4″ post to get at the food put up there for the Buzzards, when he started coming in earlier and earlier, i set up the camera with a 50mm lens low down in the grass in front of the post .

The Late sun coming in lit up the fox but kept the background dark.

Earlier He had come in for a road kill squirrel, beating the Buzzards to their dinner !

Early Morning

I got out and about early on Saturday , i was out to count Chats on the mountain above Wyllie , the sun was out and it looked like spring was finally here. Walking from the car a movement caught my eye, a fox was hunting in a rough field next to me , i stepped back into cover and sorted the camera out , managing to catch the fox walking towards me.

As i walked around looking for the Wheatears, Stonechats and Whinchats , i was surprised to see a pair of Kites wheeling above me only confirming that they are now moving out of their normal ranges.

IMG_6125 IMG_6127 IMG_6155 IMG_6173