Damselflies and Dragonflies

IMG_7672Back off holidays and back out with the camera, But what to do ?

Back a few weeks ago i had been at the Aberbargoed grasslands , and i quote from the Caerphilly countryside website “Aberbargoed Grasslands is a National Nature Reserve Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and it is also protected as a site of European importance for the large population of Marsh Fritillary butterflies and its Purple Moor grass and rush pasture ” – so now you know !

Near the main Education Centre , there’s a small pond and lately it’s been home to a lot of Dragonflies and Damsels, this i thought would be a good starting point, i found that after two trips there , the best day was the overcast one with patches of sun , the first day was hot and the damn things couldn’t keep still ! – a bit less sun calmed them down some what.

Scarce Emerald Damselfly , i may be wrong – probably
Common Darter
Blue-tailed Damselfly Male