Adders Again

Having tried over the past few weeks to successfully capture a decent image of the Adders living near to me , yesterday payed off , with one staying put long enough for me to get some time photographing these difficult to see reptiles , i say difficult to see but it seems when you do find one you then find more – as was the case with this one when after it departed the scene i found another three. However they were not so obliging as they didn’t hang around long.

Adders -006
Getting down at eye level

Adders -012 Adders -010














Adders -021
Corn flowers in the area
Adders -020
Water on a web

Adders -022

In Search of Snakes

Now that the warm weather has finally arrived i’ve tried to find some snakes , with some luck , Adders mostly , actually they’re the only ones i’ve seen so far . Walking through the heather spotting them can be difficult , it seems you see them when your not trying ! and they’re close , not more than two or three feet away , one i saw was coming towards me and slipped up and over the toe of my boot , only after did i think ” what if it went up the leg of my trousers !” Ahh !

It makes you very careful where you place your hands on some of the steeper slopes, in all i spotted five in about two hours , ranging in colours , very light buff , olive to green ,

More to follow.

Light coloured Adder
Light coloured Adder
Darker olive
Darker olive

untitled shoot-030-2