The Week in Scotland

I’ve now had a chance to go through the images that i took  over the week in Scotland, some on closer inspection got the delete button as on closer inspection they were either uninteresting or basically out of focus ! the others that were left needed a bit of tidying up but on the whole i was quite pleased with them. the following are a selection of the week , – would i go back ? – Definitely,

scotland 2-006
Crested Tit
scotland 2-039
Crested Tit 2
scotland 2-060
Crested Tit 3
scotland 2-067
Chaffinch Flock
scotland 2-072
Crested Tit 4
scotland 3-041
Wind Blown Snow
scotland 3-059
Mountain Hare
Scotland Hares-041
Mountain Hare 1
Scotland Hares-052
Mountain Hare 2
Scotland Hares-074
Mountain Hare 3
scotland 1-094
Snow Buntings

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