Rain rain rain !

Well it couldn’t last , the weather turned from blue skies and cold yesterday to wet and cold today. But that didn’t stop us getting out in the mountains looking for Hares, After a long 1000 ft climb we were well above the snow line with small coveys of Grouse all around us but we only saw one hare, not surprising really as the wind and sleet was lashing across the top of the hill, “discretion is the better part of valour” so they say and we headed lower down the slope – avoiding the larger Patches of snow , where one slip and long slide down a hundred feet of very steep mountainside would ruin your day !! but after 15 minutes spotted three hares in snow holes keeping out of the weather .

A long crawl through the snow and small streams running down the hill got me as close as i dared to two hares , trying to keep out of the weather.

hare 1 hare 2 hare 3

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