More Snakes

Well this time i had some luck on my side , out in search of Adders again i found a dead mouse , it  had not been dead long and was right by where i had seen Adders sun bathing. After setting up and getting comfortable i waited to see if anything was going to happen,I could see Adders moving around in the area near me and as i was lying in the heather i kept an eye on anything moving close to me !

After a couple of hours i saw movement in the heather close to where the mouse was lay , i then made out the head of a good sized Adder , head up and tongue flickering moving slowly towards me quartering the area , obviously homing in on the mouse , How the mouse had died i had no idea , perhaps a victim of this snake ?

adder mouse-020adder mouse-029adder mouse-044adder mouse-051adder mouse-054


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