Owl Nest box

The RSPB have a design for Tawny Owl nest boxes , so i made one three years ago and set it up in a mature Ash tree , Nothing nested in it year one and the next year only a Great tit made use of it.

The design which is basically a tall plywood box with a hole in the top , mimics a natural hole in a tree or snapped tree limb , but being plywood its smooth – giving no grip for the Owl  , making getting out difficult , the young leave the nest before they’re fully fledged so only have their talons to climb out. So i took down the box and re sited it on its side, nailing a 3″ x 2″ piece of wood across the base of the entrance – for a perching spot. I also threw a hand full of leaf mould and small sticks in.

Nest box now sited on its side
Nest box now sited on its side













The result was this year three eggs were laid and two youngsters left the nest – Result !

Two healthy chicks
Two healthy chicks


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